Ancient civilizations and 432 Hz

October 11, 2021 in 432 Hz

Ancient civilizations and 432 Hz

In recent years the mindfulness community has begun to popularize the healing effects of listening to 432 Hz frequencies to connect with the vibration of the earth and promote a greater sense of well being. This knowledge, while on trend, is far from new. In fact, evidence suggests that this frequency was used by a variety of ancient cultures throughout the world.

Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher and mathematician who walked the earth from 570-495 BC, invented an instrument called the monochord. Not only is he believed to have identified harmonic ratios, he also formulated a lot of theories regarding the vibrations of the universe. The monochord was tuned to 432 Hz – the sound of the universe or the “sound of the spheres.” 

Pythagoras (Art by J. Augustus Knapp, circa 1926)

The spheres referred to the sun, the moon and the planets and their movements. While many argue that these ratios were purely mathematical in nature, the legend goes that Pythagoras could actually hear the sound of the spheres, and their unique music.

With modern technology we can observe that as the planets do indeed emit vibrations as they move in their orbits. Through these technologies we can listen to the symphonies of our solar system. 

Additionally, many instruments that  have been uncovered from Ancient Egypt were tuned to 432 Hz, according to researchers. Instruments like harps lyres and flutes uncovered from sites like the Pyramids were tested and tuned almost perfectly to the earth frequency, which causes us to wonder how much more in tune with the universe these ancient cultures were.  Music was a major part of Egyptian life and was used in ritual and religious chants, celebration, and everyday to improve daily life.

A variety of recordings of some of the oldest Tibetan singing bowl, found in Nepal, were tested and resonated at 432 Hz. These singing bowls were used by the Ancient Tibetan Monks for meditation and prayer, and continue to be used into modern times. Instruments used for meditation and sound healing continue to be tuned to 4327 Hz as they do not have to align with the universal instrument tuning of 440 Hz. 

Even more curiously, mathematicians have worked out that this musical pitch is connected to a variety of ancient historical sites around the world. Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids are both connected to 432 Hz based on the mathematics of their placements. 

432 Hz frequency certainly has enough connections to  Ancient instruments and archeological sites to raise questions about what knowledge ancient cultures possessed that is now lost. 

While more research on these ancient connections is certainly needed, modern technology has made the ability to access the healing frequency more accessible than ever before. 

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